Princess Mia, Goddess Platinum – Cum Sunday

Princess Mia and I were sitting around the Mean Girl Manor Sunday really bored. We were going over ideas of stuff to do and nothing really peaked our interest. Then we remembered we had my geezer slave locked up in the backyard. LOL!
We really can’t stand my geezer slave. He sucks at foot worship, he smells like old people, (half deadd) He likes to do stuff just to piss us off… he just gets under our skin.
We were thinking of ways to humiliate it even more then we normally do. Hmmmmmmm What could we do worse to him then when I made him suck the other new slaves dick???
Hahahah all of a sudden it came to us when we heard one of our chastity slaves moan in pain, again.
Princess Mia and I decided we would be really nice to our chastity slave for a couple of minutes and let it out of chastity. We even decided we were going to actually let it cum for once. I think it’s been years since we let that freak jerk off and actually cum. We are only letting it cum ONLY because we need its cum for our brilliant plan.
We let the chastity loser out and made it jerk off like the little hairy it is and we had it cum in a cup. While it was jerking off I unchained geezer from the back yard and dragged it into the bar area.
Once we had our cum in a cup I geezer’s mouth open while Mia poured the cum in it’s mouth. Lol!!!She made sure he got every last drop of cum. Then we that pathetic old fuck to swallow it down like a little whore.
After we were done humiliating it we sent it away like a bad pooch.
Oh don’t worry we didn’t forget about our hairy little chastity slave. We iced his tiny little dick back into submission and I his chastity cage back on where it belongs.
LOL! And there you have an oh so fun and very humiliating CUM SUNDAY!!!!
Goddess Platinum

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