Princess Mia – Breaking in the sissy for the Men

As this scene opens lovely Princess Mia has her slave on ‘her’ knees in the dungeon. Mia caught the slave sweeping dirt under the furniture, too lazy to pick it up like a proper slave would. That means she is going to mad fuck the bitch and and likely subject her to the cane also, after all she might purposely mess up just to get fucked if there is no real pain involved. “This bitch has a real nasty ‘pussy’ Mia says. She makes sure someone is fucking her everyday, if not a woman with a strap-on then a man or men. Mia says because the maid failed at her chores she has called a lineup of men to come fuck her once she has prepared her with her big purple cock first. “Maybe you’ll be a little more cautious after I’ve disciplined you and 10 or 12 men have fucked you” she says.Mia secures the slave to the bench with straps and pulls her panties down. She lubes up the bitches ass and tells her to beg her to fuck her and use her like the slut she is. Mia slides her dick in and the little bitch starts to cry as if she is a virgin all of a sudden. Good thing Mia is getting her ready before the men arrive. Soon she is taking the cock like a pro and Mia says she might have to have two men fuck her at once, double penetration. After a hard fuck Mia says she is going to crop her until the men show up as she wants them to see her with tram marks all over her ass so they know who the boss is. She canes her as hard as she fucked her. “You’re going to make your Mistress proud today, right?” Mia asks the slave and she reminds her to thank every man for fucking her… then a knock on the door.More

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