Princess Lexie – Sissy CEI Prep

I’m annoyed that you have been following Me for years but only just now asked to serve and worship. I tell you that you must prove yourself immediately. I have you strip and begin stroking your tiny dick. I explain that because you have such a tiny dick that you must eat your cum every time you masturbate to Me or to My videos and that the only way you can serve Me is by being a little sissy fag cocksucker. Training will begin immediately. Starting with you sucking on a pacifier and inserting a butt plug in your ass–and these will stay in your holes when they’re not being used by alpha men.

I tease you and explain that it will all be worth it because you will get to worship Me and masturbate to Me. But only if you’re an obedient little sissy…

As I tease you and strip to a bra and g-string I have you associate cocks and cum with pleasure. I tell you that from now on you are only allowed to jerk your clitty to My videos and gay porn. I tell you that you need to constantly crave cum as I count you down to CEI. 10…9…8…

Custom clip. The name Carl is used throughout, it will still be enjoyed by many.

File Size :481 MB
Resolution :1910 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:14:35

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