Princess Ellie Idol – Enslaving The Journalist

Ellie is being interviewed for an article by a journalist, who is doing a piece on the domination scene. After she’s answered a few questions, Ellie is quickly onto the journalist’s agenda and realizes he’s trying to expose it as a seedy scene, where beautiful and seductive women are taking advantage of men with low self-esteem and corrupting them. Initially irritated, she then turns on her charms, seductively caressing herself and changing the way she speaks, from her initially open and friendly voice to a more soothing, sexual one, as she begins to put him under her spell, stripping down and teasing with her breasts, her ass, and her mesmerizing eyes. She says as part of the interview, he should probably go through the steps her slaves do to try and understand them better. She has him start to stroke himself, and soon she knows she has him. She taunts him and explains his assumption was very flawed; it’s not that ‘some men’ are losers – it’s all men that are losers, all men can be controlled. She’s not failed yet to turn any man she wants into a drooling, addicted slave, who wants only to make her happy because of her perfection. He shouldn’t think of himself in any way superior to any of her other slaves. She makes him hand over his wallet as she continues to tease and take control. She tells him that after the session, he will write this feature, but from a completely different angle, and briefs him to tell the world how wrong he was, and what a privilege it is to be one of her slaves – she wants to see the first draft – before she instructs him to climax, and surrender himself completely to her.

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