Princess Amai – Amai Brands And Mindfucks Her Loser Pay Pig To A Ruined Orgasm

Princess Amai!
I have totally fucked up my loser pay piggy’s mind and I’m going to prove it to him and the world. I’m going to show him that he can no longer get hard to regular sexual interaction. I start to touch his cock, rub my ass on his face, and then I begin to whisper to him that I want to suck his cock, and his cock doesn’t even get hard! Then I start to tell him that I’m going to fuck him over and make him pay me, and without even touching his cock, it starts to get hard, from just my words. And when I tell him that he’s my loser pay piggy, his cock jumps to a full erection! LOL!
But we’re only just beginning. I’m about to brand him and show him to the world. I write, ‘AMAI’S LOSER PAY PIGGY’ across his chest with a sharpie. His cock just keeps getting harder, the sick fuck. He is so fucked up in the head. He has been so conditioned by me that the only way he can cum is by paying me. He craves it. I tell him I’m going to drain his fucking wallet and take everything from him and he just gets more and more turned on. He confesses to me that he wants to be fucked over by me, that it’s all he thinks about. I’ve mindrinsed him so deeply that he has no other thought in his head.
I jerk his cock a little just to drain his brain of all thoughts and then he begs me to fuck him over and let him cum. So I go grab his wallet and take everything out of it. I wave the cash in his face and slap it across his dick. Then I allow him to jerk his cock as I mentally destroy his head. I tell him, “You have to pay just to jerk off to me. Normal people can jerk off for free. You have a hot girl next to you and all you want to do is pay her to jerk off. You can’t even get off from regular sex. You need to be told that you’re a stupid loser pay piggy. Your brain so fucked up for me, I have rewired it. Do you realize how stupid you are for me? I keep you locked up to keep you stupid. I don’t even see you as a person, you’re just a fucking wallet to me.”
He’s getting closer and closer to cumming. He’s my useless jerkoff loser pay pig. And you know what? Stupid pay pigs don’t deserve to enjoy their orgasms. So just as he starts to cum, I GRAB his hand off his cock and ruin his fucking orgasm. The cum drips out of his cock without him getting any pleasure. Loser pay piggy’s don’t deserve their cash or to enjoy their orgasms!

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