Princess Alex – Facesitting Because I Can

If you’re a hot goddess, you can do whatever you want whenever you want! You don’t need a reason to do things, and thats exactly what Princess Alex is doing to this virgin loser! Wearing her new sub funded bikini, Princess Alex smothers its face with her perfect ass. She was just outside tanning by the pool when she had to go inside because she was getting too hot and sweaty… when she saw this beta doing chores.

Sometimes its just fun for hot girls to randomly torment betas.. especially when they’re virgin losers who have never had a hot girls sweaty ass in their face hahaha. As Alex sits on its face she takes selfies to post to her socials… and show off to her friends the humiliating things she does to betas. Princess Alex teases this beta by grinding on its face and them smacking it in the balls… (plenty of cbt lol) She loves knowing she can do ANYTHING to this loser and it can’t do ANYTHING about it hahaha

File Size :1.67 GB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:11:12

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