Premature Ejaculation 2

PRETTY FEET, HEAVY BALLBUSTING (HARD PUNCHING, ROUGH FOOT SLAPPING, SLAPS) SQUEEZING AND SLAPS PERSIST AFTER HE COMES! Yes you read it right! Finally, the sequel to the most talked about video on the ‘net. (or at least the one Im asked about most often, lol) Nearly 20 exciting, action-packed minutes full of all the things you love to see Me do. Weakened by constant stroking and teasing he can’t take it any longer and has a bit of an ‘accident’ even after My concentrated efforts to help him control himself. Persistent slapping, punching, squeezing, unrelenting cock and ball served with a smile -and that’s just after he comes ;P WATCH! Me give the best footjob you’ve ever seen followed by a pummeling of hard-hitting punches and footslaps! LISTEN! as he begs Me to stop only to be denied! Guaranteed to replace your favorite video thus far. you asked for it, you got it! Warning! Sound deviates slightly in some of the faster hitting areas of the clip. sorry its an old hi8 video and dropped frames during capture. Editing is sketchy in a couple areas. It still promises to be the best video you’ve ever seen. BAREFEET COCK TEASE, ORGASM HUMILIATION, BALL CRUSHING UNDER HER FEET, TESTICLE SLAPPING


File Size :281 MB
Resolution :854 x 640 MPEG-4
Duration :00:18:48

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