Practice Makes Perfect – CEI Primer

Practice Makes Perfect – CEI Primer

I know that so many of you struggle to actually go through with cum eating, despite how hard and horny the idea makes you. When it comes to swallowing your load, you just can’t do it, and maybe that makes sense. Maybe it’s unfair to expect you to plunge right in to such a kinky act. So I’m going to build you up to it. Today I dirty talk you through ‘priming’ yourself to be a cum eater – finger sucking, lip licking, palm slurping, holding saliva in your mouth & gulping it down….soon all of these acts will be second nature to you. I encourage you to jerk off whilst having you repeat cum slut mantras ‘I love the taste of cum”…”swallowing my jizz feels so right”…you’ll be brainfucked into submission & acceptance of your cum craving, ready to seal the deal. I leave you at the edge at the end of this clip, ready to follow up with a full CEI clip, and take the plunge…

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