Penny’s Peeks-Sam Finally Wets

Penny’s Peeks-Sam Finally Wets

Candid Video of behind the scenes. Sam is Determined that he can wet at will, but Penny laughs it off as he has never been able to piss on camera before. This time she catches him on camera soaking his boxers. She puts her hand out, letting Sam’s piss fill it then turns the camera around to show her tasting it. She is surprised at how much he is pissing, and once done she can’t help touch his cock. She’s surprised that he is getting hard because he just came a few minutes before. She moves in to suck his sock through is piss soaked boxers, after a while Penny pulls Sam’s cock out and teases it until he is fully hard, then gives him a blow job, gagging a couple times until he cums. While she is sucking him off, Sam makes sure to say Thank you Mommie.  Sam cums in her mouth and on her arm.  Penny is still showing surprise and shock that Sam was able to cum again so fast after coming only about 5 minutes before.

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