Olivia Rose and Rapture – A Scissor And A Stroke

Olivia Rose and Rapture – A Scissor And A Stroke

Rapture and Olivia Rose decide that they’re going to have a bit of fun with Jason, their scissor toy. Rapture starts by squeezing Jason’s stomach. He is not sure what to think. Two powerful women, about to scissor the life out of him; scissor him all over. Olivia then wraps her thighs around his neck as Rapture gets him naked. She then scissors his cock with her cut thighs while Olivia continues to scissor his neck. Rapture then starts stroking him with her hand while flexing her arm. She works her biceps while jerking him off, spitting on his cock every so often. She then strokes Jason with her bicep until he explodes all over Rapture’s biceps all while Olivia Squeezes hard on his neck with her thighs.


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