Natashas Bedroom – Hands Off JOI

This clip is an incredibly sensual orgasmic mind fuck. The binaural tones mix with my sweet voice, pulling your body and mind together into an intense state of arousal.

You won’t stroke your cock or even hold it in your hand today. But you won’t need to. You’ll explode harder than ever, using only your mind and muscle control. When look like this, I can make your cock do anything.

I’ll take you there. I’ll show you how. It’s an orgasm like you’ve never hard before, more powerful and intense than any jerk session could be. The build up is slow and intense, and my teasing is the most powerful tool of all. The orgasm builds and builds, flooding every cell of your body with ecstasy, without even a single stroke. The pleasure overtakes you. The orgasmic bliss is beyond overwhelming.

This is my hottest and most powerful hands free orgasm clip yet.

File Size :744 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:26:34

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