Nanashi Terreur

Nanashi Terreur

Been a long time since i uploaded anything, i have some rare stuff in my folders so i figured i’ll upload some of it. I can assure you this has never been uploaded anywhere else before.

This is in my opinion one of the sexiest unknown girls i’ve seen in any kind of porn. She has an amazing pair of big tits, she’s gorgeous in a ponytail and the whole dom outfit she is wearing, she has a bitch appearance but still sucks her slaves cock and strokes him until he bursts in the end.

Quick description : Nanashi enters the scene in a dungeon with her slave tied down to a rack, it starts of easy with her positioning herself around him in various poses, stroking his cock and making him hard and giving long sexy looks into the camera, showcasing her cleavage. She goes in for some licks to taste him every now and then, until the end when she starts sucking his cock as well, helping him to cum by her hand in the end.

File Size :533mb
Resolution :1920x1080wmv
Duration :00:15:41

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