Mr pillow face

Time to meet Mr. pillow face. I call him mr pillow face because his face looks so damn good to sit on. And yeah he took my whole big ass on his face! I sat on his face as long as possible making him sniff and inhale it. As I sat on his face I made sure to rub it on there really well, making sure my scent would stick on his face until the next time we will see each other again. As I sat there I saw that tiny little dick of him grow, and grow so of course I made him jerk his little pathetic little cock. But as you should know by now I wouldn’t make him touch his little cock if it didn’t include something cruel
So yeah I made him jerk off because he couldn’t resist my beautiful big ass, but to cum he would need to continue jerking after he came to give him the cruelest orgasm ever. Nice of me to let him cum right?

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