Mona Wales, Daisy Ducati – Breakin In A New Toy

Mona Wales is sitting on Lance’s face while Daisy Ducati says, “I don’t see why we need a man, we have so many wonderful toys already…”
Mona replies, “But we could train him to be useful…”
They decide to have a race. Mona will ride Lance’s face while he licks her pussy, and Daisy will straddle his hips and use a hitachi magic wand vibrator on her pussy (vibrating against his balls at the same time). Whichever lady cums first, wins…
If Lance doesn’t get Mona off before the vibrator gets Daisy off, they are going to punish him with some Mona’s big strap-on.
Of course he can’t beat the vibrator, so he’s in for a hard ass fucking, but first Mona needs to cum. Daisy grabs him by the balls tight. Mona gives him orders on how to lick her pussy. When he fucks it up, his balls get . When she wants him to lick harder, his balls get …
They make his cock and balls ooze pre-cum and Mona has cums all over his face.
Then, since Lance didn’t eat Mona’s pussy right the first time, he’s getting punished with a deep strap-on pounding. Mona is behind him, fucking him deep, while Daisy cheers her on.
Daisy gets horny again and wraps her sexy legs around his neck, making him lick her pussy through her fishnets until she cums again.
After a good ass fucking, Mona finger bangs his prostate while squeezing and pulling on his balls from behind, making him ooze out more pre-cum for him to lick off their fingers.

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