Mistress Whiney – Cream Of Some Hung Guys

Mistress Whiney has come home at 4AM, and comes into the Her slave’s bedroom and wakes the slave up by pulling the covers off of him and aimlessly ordering the slave to get on his back, because She has had “the night of Her life”. She is wearing just a teddy with open crotch and nipples, exposing Her perfect, long and lean body. Keeping firm control of the slave’s leash, She mounts his prone body:
“Slave, tonight was more than amazing, it was…transcendant. I got had dual penetration in my sweet pussy and tight asshole by two big, hard cocks – unlike your peanut that I’ve locked away so it can’t frustrate anymore women! But good news! I saw both their test results, so I let them both cum in BOTH my holes. I want to share this experience with you, so you will lick every drop of cum out of me”
She spreads Her ass wide open, sticking Her finger deep inside, She pulls out the soiled, cum-soaked finger and wipes it on his face, making him lick the off-colored cum-coated finger clean. He is gagging and choking, but She just flogs his stomach and balls until he squeals and complies. She pulls the cheeks apart, Her wrinkled brown starfish beckons at him. She orders the slave:
“Tongue out, pig! Taste the man cum from my asshole, and maybe you’ll absorb some of his testosterone and your cock will grow to a boys size, instead of a baby girl’s clit, like it is now”
She slams Her asshole down onto his face, smothering him and jamming his tongue up Her rectum. She screeches at him to lick and suck, to get “every tadpole” out. She starts to fuck his face with Her ass and asshole, slamming Her ass onto his face over and over, making slapping sounds and causing the slave to squeal in pain. Finally She climbs off of him and turns around, spreading Her pussy open in his face.
She starts banging Her soaking pussy with the fingers, cum drips out and onto his tongue. She then pulls the fingers out and starts feeding him the cum, over and over, the sticky strings all ending up in his greedy mouth, She makes him suck Her fingers clean:
“Awwww…..it’s finger lickin’ good, isn’t it, pig? HA HA!”
She keeps feeding him the disgusing sticky mess, then makes him lick and suck Her swampy pussy clean. She starts to really get into it, moaning and grinding on his face. She gets hotter and hotter and finally cums all over his face, ejecting more cum from deep insides Her pussy, making him suck it up like a vanilla milkeshake. She finally feels that he’s finished up and is clean, climbing off of his face, She leaves the slave to marinate in Her (and Her two lovers’) juices for the night.

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