Mistress Sidonia’s Day 1

A real life, real-time, real domination scene – Real Footage 247 Slavery. I recently decided it was time to put one of my personal slave’s devotion to the ultimate test, to push his resolve, to asses his obedience under pressure. We would engage in an intense scene that would last 24 hours a day for 7 days. Within that period I could do anything I wanted to him, (the only caveat would be that I would not put him in any danger or do anything that would permanently mark him). Every minute of every day would be strictly controlled by me, what he ate, how long he slept etc.. He would also be kept chained up or in some kind of bondage throughout the whole period. In return he would offer up to me his complete submission and total obedience. On one of the day’s he would be given by me to another Mistress with whom he would have to serve, I would then get a report back from her as to his usefulness. On another day during the week he would be taken to a fetish club in-role.
As a record of the event and to further control him and deprive him of any privacy (part of my dehumanisation process) he would be monitored and filmed for the entire week. We installed special cameras including a slave-cam, a POV camera and time-lapse cameras. He would also have to keep a diary of each day which he would write-up each night in his cell.
The interesting by-product of this ongoing documentation of his ordeal is that I can now share with everyone what happened during this intense on-going 247 scene as we are releasing this footage on The English Mansion. We have even created a new place inside the members’ area for this content called The Cells. There have been difficulties in making it watchable, we had over 160 hours of footage. When the slave was set a long manual task or was sleeping for example, we speeded up the footage by 500% which shows what the slave had to endure is quite real. We did take out some of the sleeping as even speeded up, 6 minutes of someone sleeping is not very interesting to watch. We also had to remove a number of scenes where the BDSM content would not be permitted by our billers (& unfortunately part of one entire day). As we have a timer running throughout the footage these times are marked as ‘Censored’. We also visited a fetish club this content has also been ‘Censored’ as we cannot reveal certain identities. However, there is still a vast amount of extreme footage which will be released as longer clips, at least 10 mins or over

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