Mistress Petra Hunter – Super Balls Sunday

Mistress Petra Hunter and her friend Courtney are getting ready for a double domination session. This is Courtney’s first time as a professional Dominatrix, and she’s nervous. Suddenly, Alex shows up unexpectedly with snacks and drinks. Mistress Petra soon gets him to confess that no one came to his football party: what a loser! The two Dommes don’t have much time before their session, but they have plenty of time to humiliate Alex. Mistress Petra pushes him to his knees and makes him worship her strap-on and its balls. Then Courtney gets in on the fun, which is perfect practice for her! Alex sucks their balls while the two dominant women eat his snacks and humiliate him.

Femdom, Humiliation, Double Domination, Strapon, Strapon Blowjob, Cock Worship, Ball Sucking / Worship.

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Duration :00:13:50

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