Mistress Paige – Preparing hubby for the Gay Biker Gang

Anti-Paige had such success lending kenny to the gay biker gang that she has decided to send hubby there this weekend. Having to please 20 men won’t be easy though so Paige decides to up hubbies training. Things are always easier when you have a fucking machine at times like this but first she has to loosen up his slutty hole by hand. In this scene you don’t only get to see hubby take her hand dildo and the fucking machine but you get all her dialogue as she tells hubby what will happen over the weekend. As she starts to probe his hole she says to insure he is loose enough she might have to leave him hooked up to the fucking machine for 24 hours. “Maybe I’ll be upstairs getting fucked by my boyriend while you’re down her also getting pounded” she tells him.”I have no use for your cock but your ass comes in handy for lending out to the bike gang as those boys are so nice always helping out with the heavy lifting here around the house. It’s the least I can do” she tells him. The boys don’t use condoms so their lube will be the buckets of cum filling him up. “Maybe I should send you and kenny and see if they can set up a bukkake party” Paige tells hubby. “I’d love to see you both with dried cum on your face all day” she says with a laugh. Paige says with 365 days in the year she thinks hubby should take a cock a day as a minimum. “Imagine if it was 10 a day, we’d have you up to 10,000 in no time”, she adds.Hubby is now ready for the fucking machine. Paige turns the dial up a bit and tells hubby to relax and to imagine it’s one of the bikers. “You’ll be taking one cock after another” she reminds him. She tells him to do whatever the bikers want as she won’t be there but rather out on a date with her lover. The dial slowly gets turned up until it’s cranked all the way. “The bikers aren’t going to be gentle” she tells him so it’s important he can handle the top speed with maximum depth. She makes him say he loves biker cock and you can tell that he is getting turned on. Paige wants him to cum thinking about servicing all those men and taking cock everyday so she has him get on his back and masturbate. She continues to talk about his hunger for cock and touches his balls and soon he blows a massive load. “That’s what the bikers are going to be doing in your ass over and over and over again” she tells him as she gets up and walks away. Her boyfriend is on his way. She looks back and tells him to eat all his cum.

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