Mistress Mercy Rage – Smells Good, Tastes Better

Imagine being locked in a cage waiting for gorgeous Mistress Mercy to come and use you as her toilet. What a dream and such is this scene as it opens with Mercy having just approached the cage and the slave eagerly waiting to feel her ass on his face and his tongue up her asshole. She spits in his face first and then hops up on the cage so her ass is in his face. She wiggles her butt in his face and tells him to beg for it. “I’ve left it dirty for you” she tells him as she brings her ass down onto his face. “A Goddess shouldn’t have a dirty ass” she says and then tells him to sniff it first. She wiggles her sexy ass while on his face and you’ll be rock hard imagining you’re the slave getting the honor. Mercy says a tongue feels nice on her ass but mainly she just needs her ass cleaned. Now she really presses her ass into his face so he can’t get any air. Again she gyrates her ass and you get a great view of that and the soles of her feet.

Touch yourself” she says to the slave. She looks at the camera and says “I control all his orgasms.” She says that she is going to implement a 50 to 1 ratio for him. After every 50 orgasms she has he will get one. She now turns to face the slave and he gets a view of her beautiful pussy and ass at the same time. His nose is on her pussy and his tongue up her ass. She tells him she is going to have to relieve herself in his mouth. She then tells him to move back first to insure it’s clean but mainly to give you a golden view of her womanly delights. “Now, wrap your lips around my asshole, it’s going to get dirty again, and cum while I feed you” she tells him. Mercy starts playing with her pussy because using men like this turns her on so much. As she feeds him he begs to cum and she tells him to do it while being her toilet. After he cums she says “Finish eating your meal and then when you’re done you’ll be eating your cum too.” Seductively she purrs “Such is the life of a slave.”

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Duration :00:09:04

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