Mistress Mercy Rage – Cabbie Fart Break

The cab driver is thrilled when he sees his passenger is a young gorgeous woman. Mercy hops in the car and says she is in a rush and oh, can he also roll up the window. What ensues is Mercy farting constantly and the driver continually trying to roll down the window to escape the smell. Every time he rolls it down though Mercy tells him to roll it back up and when he resists she says he can forget a 5 star review, he’ll be lucky to get one star unless he rolls the window up. He does reluctantly.Things reach a boiling point when the cabbie says his eyes are watering and Mercy says she has no idea what he is talking about, she is not even gassy. She tells him to get in the back and he’ll see the smell is actually coming from the front. He says it is a strange request but he really needs the good review so he parks and gets in the back where Mercy has already pulled down her pants and has her ass pointing right at the drivers face. She tells him to sniff her asshole and to see that it smells lovely. He gets his nose right up to her anus and she blasts a fart right in his face. “How does that smell?” she asks him and he admits it actually smells pretty good. She says if she hires him again she will always be farting in his face and she farts again. Now she tells him to back off a bit to admire her anus expanding as she blows more farts his way. She lets out a series of hot steamy farts and it looks so amazing watching her anus open and close. “All your customers are going to be smelling my farts for the rest of the day, maybe several days” she says. Damn, you are going to wish you were the driver in the back seat and even as this guy coughs he appreciates how lucky he is. Now she calls him in close again for even more farts. Mercy suddenly remembers she is late for her appointment, she tells him to continue driving. Later the driver checks his stats to see how many stars he got. Did he get his 5 stars?

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