Mistress Mercy, Mistress Lilith and Miss Lana – Deep and Deeper

Three gorgeous Dommes in this one including Mistress Mercy, Mistress Lilith and Miss Lana and two slaves who are used as nothing more than holes to fuck; their mouths and their asses. Mistress Lilith is wearing an extra big dildo so if you like large insertions this one will be of special interest. The scene opens with Mercy ramming her ‘cock’ into a slaves mouth while Lana is filling his man pussy. Meanwhile, Lilith is stretching her slave with a double headed dildo to prepare him for her massive strap-on dick. Camera angles insure you also see all the ladies butts too because they are the icing on the cake as far as this scene goes. Mercy pulls out of one slaves mouth and goes over and sticks the dildo in the other slaves mouth. No shame, these boys share each others saliva and butt juices, the nastier the better as far as we’re concerned.

Meanwhile, Lana is now really ramming her slave just as Lilith slides her massive unit into her slaves ass, and she quickly is going deep. This skinny slave can handle 18″, no problem. The slaves are both moaning and groaning and begging to cum. Mercy moves back to the other slaves mouth and then decides she wants to fuck the slave too. Mercy and Lana change places while Lilith just continues fucking her sluts hungry ass. Mercy anxious to penetrate a slave, slides her strap-on into the slave and starts pounding him while Lilith finally pulls out to reveal the full length of the unit and to show the slaves gaping asshole. “That’s what a good boy takes” she says and tells you that you should be working to take something that big too. Mercy strokes her slaves cock, while continuing to fuck him, while Lana takes a vibrator and rubs it over his balls. His begging to cum is pathetic and they decide to not let the slaves cum… but, the big dildo up the skinny slaves ass is too much for him and he accidentally empties his balls all over the floor. Lilith says he will be put in chastity for a month, “Maybe forever” Mercy adds. The girls have worked hard fucking their sluts and decide to head upstairs for a drink, leaving the slaves there in the event they return for round two.

File Size :929 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:07:12

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