Mistress Mercy, Goddess Hazel – When I Fart SNIFF Deep

Gorgeous Mistress Mercy has her slave laying on the sex/discipline bench suspended from above by his ankles, his wrists to the bench. “I had such a wild night last night with so much greasy food and booze” she tells her slave. “I’m so gassy” she adds. Her plan is to fart all over his face. “When I fart sniff deep” she tells him. She wiggles her ass above his face and then times a fart perfectly so it squeaks out just as she is sitting on his face. The slave whimpers from the toxic smell then has no choice but to sniff it as she comes down on his head. She lifts up and lets out a longer wetter sounding fart and says “That one was supper wet, you know I might just end up having an accident on your face.”As she lets out a few more farts, unscripted Goddess Hazel walks into the dungeon and says “What’s going on here?” Mercy explains that their wild night of partying left her super gassy. Hazel says she has the exact same problem so Mercy invites her to also fart on the slave. Double his fun so to speak. Hazel plants her luscious big ass on the slaves face and bounces on it to loosen herself up a bit. Soon a small fart escapes and then Mercy leans in with her ass and lets out a fart too. The aroma of the double farting really fills the entire room so you can imagine what this slave is smelling, his nostrils literally burning. The ladies take turns sitting on his face delivering a steady stream of gas bombs and Hazel tells him to tell them how much he loves them. The slave admits he does and the ladies don’t disappoint, he’ll be smelling these for a week. Mercy notices the slaves eyes watering and that gives then a good laugh. Mercy tickles the slaves balls and then they both run their fingers up and down his cock. Mercy then turns sideways so her ass is right by the slaves nose and at an angle that you can see her sweet little bung hole. She lets out 5 more farts as her anus expands and contracts with each blast. Oh oh, all that farting and suddenly Mercy realizes she needs to do more than fart. She sits on the slaves face and Hazel leans in and says “Open wide, it’s dinner time.” She runs her fingers over his cock and balls to keep him aroused as he enjoys his treat.

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