Mistress Mercy, Goddess Amelia – One Step from Glory

The dynamic duo of Mistress Mercy and Goddess Amelia combine in this scene to face sit a slave and stroke his dick while another slave is denied completely in a cage below them. Not to make it all fun and games they take turn sitting on the slave until he’s kicking for air and the cock play is only tease and denial including some ball slapping. Mistress Mercy starts on his face in a reverse position. The ladies are never shy around each other and Mercy blows a loud fart in the slaves face that fills the room but impresses Amelia none the less. Amelia says she is also gassy and she hopes she gets a chance to sit on the slaves face too. Naturally Mercy is okay with it but she says “Only if you promise to fart in his face too.” Amelia assures her she will. Mercy reverses her position on the slaves face while Amelia continues to edge the slave. Mercy delivers another wet sounding fart to the slaves face which makes Amelia laugh. Mercy is a bit reluctant to get off the slaves face but she finally lets Amelia take her place. Mercy now strokes his cock and they decide if the slave can cum before having to tap out for air then it’s his lucky day, otherwise it’s one step from glory for him and who knows when he might be allowed to cum next. Ultimately, the pressure of Amelia’s big ass with limited time to cum is to much for the slave and he taps for air. The girls get up and leave prompting the slave below to mock the other slave by saying “Another month wait for you.” The camera person deftly moves around in this scene to insure you get the best views of both ladies Asses.

File Size :1.13 GB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:08:37

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