Mistress Kassy – Hello again Sinner

This series started with To the Basement Sinner. In that scene Head school instructor Nun Kassy has had no choice but to take Johnny to the basement of the church for misbehaving in class where she places him in a collar naked and proceeds to ballbust him. In this clip Johnny has gone to see a professional Dominatrix to help him release some of his sexual tension, a result of his time with Nun Kassy in the church basement. Johnny is on all fours as the Domme walks in with a paddle and starts to paddle his ass. She sticks a finger up his ass and asks if he has had sexual fantasies about having things stuck up it. He confuses he has. “Have you been fantasizing about men?” she asks and when he says he has she asks if he’s fantasized about a priest. He says he has. “How about a nun?” she adds. “Yes” he replies quickly. “You must wonder how I knew that?” she says as she orders him onto his back where she removes his blindfold.Johnny’s eyes almost bug out of his head. “sister?” he blurts out. He tries to compose himself and then asks her what she is doing there. “Well, with all the law suites the church doesn’t pay enough so I moonlight as a Dominatrix” she tells him. She wiggles her big strap-on cock in front of him and says based on his behavior in class he deserves to be fucked hard. “Since you’re a virgin I’ll be gentle” she tells him then turns to the camera and says “to begin with.” Kassy says next time she will have a man over so he can suck his cock while she fucks him. She strokes his cock while thrusting into his ass harder and harder. To see what happens in the second half of this clip be sure to buy it today! Oh my, she has some nasty plans for Johnny and he seems to like it as he soon cums! She takes the glove that was previously up his ass, scoops up the cum and sticks it in his mouth. She tells him he will be staying after school tomorrow and to expect things to be much worse.

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