Mistress Kandy – Eat these fresh Cum Farts

Kandy walks in the room and her slave is on the bed having just heard her get fucked up the ass by her boyfriend. She has him there to suck her cum farts. She sits on his face and you can see her asshole is nicely stretched out from her black mans cock and wet from his cum. She tells him to start licking and then a long fart expels gas right into the slaves face and mouth. The cum is deep inside her though and still is not coming out… but it will. After a bit of licking her mans cum starts to leak from her ass. She then lets out two powerful blasts which causes cum to go in the slaves mouth and gas up his nose. “Lick it” she commands. Anything that comes from her ass is a treat and he is expected to get every last drop. Kandy sits full on his face a bit but mainly she keeps her hole just above the slaves mouth so you and her slave get the full impact of her cum farts. To keep her slave enthusiastic she tells the slave to stroke himself and she wants him to cum while eating another mans cum from her ass… and sniffing her farts too of course. When he comes he has to eat that cum too. she calls him a dirty pig and he licks and strokes eagerly. Kandy reminds him he’s not good enough to fuck her and that being an ass licker, fart sniffer and toilet is all he’s good for. Kandy’s ass looks amazing in this scene and when her slave finally cums she scoops it up with her hand and feeds it all to him. Wouldn’t you love to be Kandy’s ass slave?Read More

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