Mistress Iside – FIERCE SODOMY

“I expect great satisfaction from this slut but his asshole is still too tight for my taste. There is only one way to correct this mistake of nature, use one of my strap-on and ruthlessly break through all that has to be broken through. Certainly it will be a painful and traumatic experience for this bitch but this is the only effective way to erase any possible trace of virginity from his ass. First of all, I completely chain up him, his body must remain suspended in the air, in this way I can possess him completely and drive the rhythm of his movements exactly as I want. This allows me to cancel any possible resistance to better push my cock strokes, fucking him in a tough and firm way. Just for this reason this slut very soon will be able to see and appreciate the substantial difference between BEFORE…. AND AFTER….. His ass from now on will be completely unrecognizable!!!”

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