Mistress Ezada Sinn – My chattel’s painful and frustrating monthly milking

It’s time for My chattel’s monthly milking, and he is never allowed a pleasant, full orgasm. Instead, he will receive a painful, ruined orgasm. I begin by placing some lovely clamps on his nipples. I want his nipples on fire while I milk him. I know he likes it when I touch him, even when it brings him pain. I do enjoy teasing him with the thought of a release, and the sight of My big, round ass makes his chastity tighter and tighter. As I take the tight cage off, I find his stupid dicklet is covered in precum. This is a horny slut, one who will only ever receive frustration and pain. I have to be careful as he could ejaculate in minutes. Some slow stroking makes him moan as if he is about to explode. Maybe some more pain from Me sitting on his nipple clamps will cool him a bit. I don’t want this to be a quick release; I want the pain and frustration to last a while. Eventually, I permit him to cum in a perfect, ruined orgasm. No pleasure for him; all the pleasure is Mine.

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