Mistress Edian – Ruined Orgasm Game

This slave was held by Mistress Edian in chastity for two weeks, today the liberation has finally arrived and obviously he strongly hopes to have an orgasm. But he doesn’t know that Mistress Edian definitely intends to continue her evil plan by ruining this particular moment of enjoyment. After she completely mummified and tied him to the hoist Mistress Edian will begin to bring him as only she can do on the edge of ecstasy but at this point for this loser will start a ruthless game that will delay as much as possible his moment of pleasure. When the game finally seems ending in the right way, just on the best moment a bitter surprise will make everything more interesting!!!

File Size :309 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:13:06

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