Mistress Anna Elite and Miss Diana Von Rigg

Miss Diana Von Rigg and I have a cruel challenge in store for our slave, G. He has never even worn a chastity cage before let alone attempted to ejaculate though one, lets see if we can change that for our over excited slave today…
Slave G is strapped to the gynae chair in the middle of the dungeon, naked slaves surround him as his cock is tormented and teased for our sadistic amusement. We take two Doxy’s to his cage, the vibration is intense and much to our delight, G struggles to hold back his desperate moans. Miss Von Rigg and I take it in turns to spit into our slave’s mouth, we fill him as his frustration peaks and he writhes in complete ecstasy.
As our slaves cock grows in its cage, I take hold and tease with my fingertips. The frustration is unbearable but the stimulation not quite enough to push slave G over the edge. After what seems like a lifetime, we decide to take off his cruel cage and tease his bare cock all over again.
The only way that slave G is permitted to cum is from the vibrations of the doxy, he must thrust against it to gain any pleasure that he desires. Miss Von Rigg gleefully ensures that slave G knows that his orgasm will be ruined, he is here for our enjoyment not his own and we will be sure to make the most of his frustrating predicament.
We take G to the edge time and time again, building his orgasm and then removing the stimulation until he screams in desperate agony. I continue to fill our slaves mouth with saliva, drowning him as his orgasm builds all over again..
Once satisfied with his suffering, we ensure that G’s orgasm is undeniably ruined. We take him to the edge, being sure to withdraw before he feels any sort of enjoyment. After a few seconds of hopeless thrusting a stream of hot cum drips sorrowfully from our slaves engorged member. Our red lips beam with cruel pleasure, G will remain unfulfilled until we deem him worthy of a full orgasm… It will be a very long time.

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