Mistress An Li – You Can’t Fuck Me Pt. I

I love teasing you. It’s particularly delightful when you are completely bound, wrapped up tightly in leather straps while your cock points straight up for me. Let’s not forget my worn dirty panties on your face so you smell me ever so intimately.
I think the panties are a good touch because that’s about as close as you can get to my pussy today. That, and, well…me rubbing my crotch all over your hard cock. The only thing that separates your cock from my sweet Goddess juices is the thin piece of satin covering my puss up. I’m not wearing underwear underneath this, after all.
Teasing your cock is so easy when you’re smelling my juices and I’m sitting right on top of you. I love knowing that you can’t have me. I love knowing how much of a bitch you are for me. Gyrating my hips over yours, simulating sex – but of course, it’s not. So close yet so far from the actual pleasure, huh?
You want me so badly. So. Fucking. Badly. But guess what?
You can’t fuck me.
And you know what?
It’s time to put you in chastity after this. But first, how should I get rid of this boner?

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