Mistress An Li – Unfuckable- Part 2

Mistress An Li – Unfuckable- Part 2

Now that you’re properly turned on and hard-cocked, it’s my turn to fuck you. I might as well put that dildo gag to good use.
I love watching how hard your own cock gets while I tease the cock gag. Stroking it, licking it, sucking it – meanwhile your cock gets no play. Maybe I’ll be nice and tease it with my feet. Maybe after deeply sucking on the dildo gag, I’ll let your cock feel my hands. I know how frustrated you feel watching me suck on the dildo gag in your mouth, wishing it could be your cock.
Maybe I’ll jerk-off both at the same time, but clearly I have a preference for the dildo gag. It stays hard, it always works, and I fuck it. I’ll never fuck you.
But it sure as hell is fun to watch you struggle in painful arousal while I tease the cock that I much prefer…

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