Mistress An Li – Latex Lockdown – Part III

I’ve spent so much time toying and hurting your cock – will it even be able to cum after all that oh-so-confusing electricity through the balls and taint? Now’s a good time to find out!
I like teasing and taunting you with my hands first. Running my fingers over it, grabbing your cock and feeling it get hard in my hand. After all that torment, you can still get hard. And why not? I’m sure that latex catsuit wrapped all over your body, my panties in your mouth, your limbs restrained, and my playing with your most sensitive body parts…of course you would be hard
It’s time to pull out the Venus 2000. After all, I’m never going to suck your cock, so we might as well use a machine to do what no human will ever do. I’m going to relish turning this on high and dropping it down low, changing the rhythm so that you are constantly on edge. Bringing the speed up just enough so that you feel like you’re getting sucked off by an angel, and then dropping it terribly low so that you’re so close and so far.
You’re so cute when you’re writhing in bondage and erotic ecstasy. I like lying next to you and feeling you clench next to me, knowing that you can’t touch me at all, and I can touch you in every single way.
What if I leave it on high like this? Remember, you can never cum without my permission. Your cock and balls, your mind and body, and your orgasm all belong to me. No being selfish. I’ll just leave this on high while I leave the room.
What’s that smell? It’s the scent of my piss through the gas mask bubbler, silly! Doesn’t that smell so good? Meanwhile, you’re getting sucked off by the milking machine, your body is entirely tied up, and I’m here to laugh at you trying to keep your orgasm under wraps.
Ok, you can cum…
Oh, you thought I was going to remove the milking machine after you came? How cute.

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