Mistress An Li – Gimp Tease Part 3

All that build up, teasing my gimp’s cock with my pussy, means he will be oh-so-easy to control and manipulate. You know I love my bitches on edge because that means they become so desperate.
And when they’re desperate, I like to play little games with them. I decide to play a game of red light, green light with my slave. He can cum when I say he can cum, and he can’t cum when I say he can’t cum. Simple, right?
Not so simple for my slave. I confuse him verbally until he’s not quite sure when he can and can’t cum, and then I bring him to the edge, telling him he can cum, he can’t cum, he can cum, he can’t cum…
Of course I always win. And when he finally spurts hands-free, unable to stop himself, it’s punishment time. I punch his ruined boner down to fit it into a chastity device and decide to have a little bit of fun, bringing the vibrator over his sensitive and locked cock while simultaneously rubbing it against my pussy…
PS: this scene turned me on so much that after we finished shooting, I decided to ride him while he was still in bondage. After all, getting ruined means that refractory time is short enough for me to take advantage of 😉
Features: a super-hot hands-free ruined orgasm seen in multiple angles and speeds, leather bondage worthy of D a d d y, and a shiny tease and denial that will be sure to leave you in a melted, crumpled mess. Enjoy!

File Size :280 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:15:48

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