Mistress An Li – Gimp Tease – Part 2

Mistress An Li – Gimp Tease – Part 2

I get so excited when I have my bitch completely trapped in bondage. I just love how helpless he looks in that leather straitjacket, sensory deprivation hood, with tight straps wrapped around his body and everything chained down for total restraint.
And when I get excited, I want to tease him. I want to rub my hot, covered pussy up and down his hard cock, showing him exactly what he can’t have. I want to gyrate on top of him as he feels my body on him, taunting him with my warmth that is so close yet far too far. I want to feel his cock quiver underneath me, aching to feel more…
But he can’t. Because he’s a gimp. And do you know what’s more fun than fucking? Making him want to fuck me and completely denying him through and through.

Features: teasing, denying, and a bitch in bondage who will never get what he wants. That’s how I like it! Oh, and the leather bondage isn’t bad either. 😉

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