Mistress An Li – Foot Fucker Full Movie

Part I.
Can my slave cum with just my feet alone? Will he be able to cum in such a stressful situation?
His hands tied behind his back in an armbinder, his body strapped down to the bondage board, I tease his cock with my oiled feet. They slide over his hard cock oh-so-very-effortlessly, and I love how decadent I feel lying back and teasing him with just my feet alone.
It’s funny how apparent he is a bitch when I just lie back and edge his cock with just the slightest movement of my feet. It’s so easy to get him on edge and desperate for my attention. Men are such sluts.
Do you think he should cum? Or should I just tease him forever? I think you already know how this will go…
Part II.
I have to be honest here: I initially started edging my slave’s cock thinking I was just going to give him a ruined orgasm. After that foot tease, it should have been quick, easy, and entertaining.
But unfortunately for him, not everything turns out as planned.
I got bored, and my mood changed. I decided I wouldn’t be so nice anymore. I was tired of making him feel good. I didn’t really care for any of his genital pleasure. In fact, I found myself getting more and more irritated with him.
And do you know what I do when I get irritated with my bitches?
I hurt them. And what better way to hurt a man than through his balls? I mean, I’ve spent all this time building him up, so why not topple him down? My feet are right here, after all. And his balls are at sole-height.
He wasn’t expecting that. He thought this would be sensual, soft, and sweet. But his Mistress’ whims are tempestuous, and sometimes a good ball stomping is what is needed to make her feel happy.
So I stomp on his balls again. And again. And again. And again. And before I know it, I’m in a chipper mood again!
Because if men aren’t entertaining, you can make them hurt until they are entertaining again.

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