Mistress An Li – Bound Bimbo

It’s time to begin your gender transformation, bitch. I’m turning you into my personal bimbo fuckdoll.
No resisting, of course. That’s why I have you in all this tight, restrictive bondage. You’re going to accept your sissy life after you remain tied here.
First the shiny PVC ballet boots to keep your delicate tootsie en pointe. No running away!
Next, inflatable rubber bondage mitts to turn you into a useless gimp. Who needs fingers when you’re a couple of holes?
Now about that mouth hole of yours. First, some big fat dick sucking lips to slut you out, and then an inflatable latex mouth gag to blow those holes up and keep them open.
And last, but certainly not least…those tits. A pair of titty suckers to keep on sucking your breasts bigger and bigger…
You’ll be a good bimbo yet.
Before my bimbofication process is complete, I need to milk my sissy slave. This works in two parts. One, it drains out all that excess masculinity out of her, making her docile and compliant. And two, it conditions and programs her to be turned on in her bound, sissified state, making her more susceptible to future training.
The milking process is easy, of course. She’s already so ramped up and turned on by the whole bondage process that her cock is pushing against the pink chastity device. I unlock it and her full cock swings out, eager to be touched and stroked.
Each second I tease her cock brings her closer to cumming. I give her a countdown…and she doesn’t cum. Which means, of course, everything that happens after that is entirely up to my discretion. Should I let her cum? Should I ruin it? Should I feed her own cum to her like a good sissy slut?
Features: who doesn’t love crossdressers in bondage? The combination together is so delectable, to say the least. This process of gender transformation via bimbofication and sissification was so satisfying me, and I loved using my breast pumps. I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I did!

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