Miss Zara DuRose – Straitjacket Sex Part 1

Miss Zara du Rose looks super hot in her holdups and latex corset, showing off her perfect figure. Her sub is waiting for her in the dungeon, he is in a tight straitjacket, supported by a suspension rig and wearing thigh length red boots. His cock is exposed for Zara’s edging touch, as she teases him to hardness, making him groan with desperation as her soft tongue licks the shaft. When she is sure he is hard and ready to be used, she gets in position to fuck his dick, controlling the speed and depth of her personal sex toy, making sure she has a big orgasm. When she is satisfied from the hard, deep fuck, she takes him close to the edge and then denies his cumshot, leaving him frustrated and ready for the next Mistress who requires a human dildo.

File Size :360 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:06:05

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