Miss Zara DuRose – Bedroom Slave Plaything Complete

The exquisite, lingerie clad Zara du Rose is going to use her eager tongue slave for her pleasure, she reminds him that is he does a good job and makes her orgasm hard, she may release his cock from the tight metal chastity cage. He is directed to her sensitive nipples and she supervises him licking and kissing them before she opens her legs and lets him kiss through her pink panties. She delights in watching his dick trying to get hard in the cage, so takes a closer look, licking the metal ridges, making him groan in desperation. Zara pulls her panties down and orders him to lick her cunt, he does such a good job, she decides a treat is in store and puts on one of her big strapons. He is soon getting pounded by her, a beautiful sight as she thrusts and takes him hard and deep, his cock still locked tightly away. Once she is finished opening his hole, Zara kindly unlocks him and puts him on the custom Venus tower milking machine, making him super hard, ready to be edged with a handjob until he can’t hold back any longer.

File Size :1.65 GB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:27:13

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