Miss Vivienne lAmour – Seducing The Gardener Pt2 Complete Movie

Vivienne continues the seduction of her hunky young gardener. She reveals that she wants to fuck him but it is not the kind he was hoping for, as she shows off a big strapon cock. She encourages him to lick and kiss it, promising a world of pleasure if he does as he is told. Vivienne is in total control as she fucks his throat harder and dominates the inexperienced man, taking his virginity with an expert touch, making him beg for more of the rubber cock. Once she has finished stretching him out, she tells him to pleasure her, making sure to guide his hands and tongue on her perfect pussy until she cums hard. Vivienne decides to reward his efforts, giving him an intense handjob and ruined orgasm, then locking him in chastity, making sure to book him in for some more gardening duties during the week.

File Size :1.70 GB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:28:06

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