Miss Suzanna Maxwell – Training Her Houseboy Part 5

Miss Suzanna Maxwell is initiating her newest subbie houseboy to be the best version of himself and to excel in servitude. She explains his role in her life, locking his excitable cock in tight chastity, as she teases and runs her long nails over his body. Her tight satin blouse shows off her perfect cleavage, as she allows him to worship her stockinged feet. Mistress then lays him down and sits over his face, removing her clothes and revealing stunning lingerie, making his cage swell in appreciation. For the pleasure he has been allowed, Suzanna then explains that he will have to take appropriate pain, so gives him a long over the knee spanking followed by a sharp leather belting across his sore buttocks. Miss asks if he would like to fuck, she unlocks his cage and proceeds to reveal her big strapon dick, bending him over and pegging his tight hole, making him moan and leak precum as he is welcomed to his new life of servitude.

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Duration :00:06:25

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