Miss Suzanna Maxwell – A Reoccuring Ruin

Edging is one of My favourite forms of torment, it seems to work My slaves into such a state of desperation. flash is squashed under My sacred arse today whilst I relentlessly edge his appendage. I am dressed in a delicious PVC bodysuit, fishnets and boots. My blonde locks tied back as I really mean business and am in such a cruel mood today. he pathetically begs for a release almost instantly, how weak an unsatisfying his will power is. I deny him, but I can feel his orgasm building, it erupts unauthorised to My fury and I ruin it by punching his ball sack. How dare he cum without permission, I keep masturbating his cock ignoring his screams. I will keep doing so until he climaxes again, on My terms, when I say so. Stupid boy…………this is really going to hurt as I extract and ruin all of his orgasms!!!!!!!

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