Miss Suzanna Maxwell – A Ferocious Finish

This monthly milking is going to one flash never forgets., it will haunt his nightmares for many months to come. I lock him into My torment chair so he is fully restrained and unable to move. I start by crushing his cock under My knee. My PVC catsuit and boots look terrifying as they flatten his flesh. he is already screaming so I shove a ball gag in his mouth to shut him up. I viciously touch his cock into a coerced erection, roughly pulling his foreskin back to make sure the pain grips him as cruelly as My hand! It has been so long since his last release that he is on the edge in seconds even under such cruel circumstance. he begs for a release, but today My cruelty knows no bounds. Even when he cries I do not stop…….. I will not stop!!!!

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Duration :00:10:28

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