Miss Sadie – You’re Busted Step-Bro

Johnny’s step-sister Sadie is out of town, or so he thinks, so he can’t resist but check her hamper for soiled panties and he hits the step-mother-load. He’s sniffing the panties and masturbating when he is surprised… by Sadie. “What the hell are you doing?” she asks him while slapping him across the face. “I thought you were out of town” he replies. “Well surprise, surprise” she tells him picking up the panties and stuffing them in his mouth and over his nose. “I wonder what your step-mother would think” Sadie asks him. She pulls out her phone and starts snapping pics of Johnny, some quality blackmail material. The poor slob starts to beg her not to tell anyone. “Imagine if people saw this on all our social media” she tells him. She pulls him by the ear and tells him to lay on the bed. She takes a couple pair of the dirty panties and sticks them in his mouth. She tells him he will have to pay a hundred dollars a pair for starters. She then pulls them out of his mouth and starts stroking his cock with them. “I’m going to get a picture of cum and panties all over you and then we’ll figure out what’s going to happen after that” she tells him. She then sits on Johnny’s face and again strokes his dick, this time more aggressively. She leans forward and blows a wet fart in his face and she laughs with delight as doing so. “You’re going to be my slave from now and do absolutely everything I want from now on” she tells him. She then gets off his face and lies beside him with one foot in his face while stroking his cock and holding the camera in the other hand. Johnny is rock hard and screams he is about to cum. Sadie squeezes his cock and denies him an orgasm. As she walks away she tells him he is going to buy every pair of the panties from her then wash them and put them back in her dresser drawer.

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