Miss Sadie – Slower, My Ass is Fine Dining, not fast food!

Miss Sadie absolutely sizzles in this scene. She is beautiful and with an ass every face sitting fan dreams of. “I’ve had this poor bitch locked in the cage all day” she says as she sits in just a sexy pair of panties and short halter top, her legs spread with her slaves head between them as it sticks out of the cage. She tells him to smell her dirty panties and the slave presses his nose into her pussy. He agrees when she says it is already worth all the time he spent waiting. It’s not like he had anything more important to do after all. She then tells him to open his mouth and she drops some spit balls into it. “I bet you’re hungry aren’t you?” she asks him. She lifts herself up by her arms and now presses her ass into his face. “No pussy for you” she tells him, adding “unless my boyfriends cum is dripping out of it, then maybe you can smell it if you’re lucky.”

“I was at my boyfriends house all day getting fucked while you were locked in this cage” she tells him turning around so her ass is now in his face. She removes her panties and tells the slave if he is a good boy she might let him rest with them tonight. She stuffs the panties all the way into his mouth and tells him to chew them. She removes them and holds them up to the camera, asking “Do you want to buy these?” She asks the slave if he is hungry and again sits on his face with her dirty ass. She tells him to stick his tongue out and then you can see him licking her sweet hole. “Slower, this is not fast food, it’s fine dining” she says. She mocks the slave for spending an entire day in a cage just for 5 minutes of her asshole. Finally she tells him to lay his head back, she is going to use his head as a toilet. I want to hear you chewing it she tells him. “I feel so much better now” she says and then sits up and tells him to open his mouth. “Look, you like it” she says with a smile as this is what she expects from her slaves, it please her. Then a final close up shot of her ass and pussy so you can imagine it’s you that is next.

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