Miss Sadie – Sadie Slips n Slides

A slave is waiting on the bed for Miss Sadie to arrive. What thoughts must be going through his head as he has no idea what she might have planned for him. She walks in holding a bottle of baby oil. This can only mean one thing, she is going to oil his head and take him for a ride. She slathers his entire head in oil and says his face is not as smooth as it should be. “You should be shaving every hour” she tells him, and with so many beautiful asses in the Club Stiletto house you’d think that would be a no brainer. Always be ready!
Once he is all slicked up she sits in a forward position and starts gliding her ass over his face before leaning forward and telling him to get his tongue out and to lick her ass. She then turns into a reverse position where you now get a nice view of her pussy and also her ass in the mirror. The slave is rock hard. He is reminded to stick his tongue out and she glides her butt hole over it several times before sitting on him full weight. She grabs his cock then pats it. She pours some oil on it and then tells him to jerk off while licking her ass. She teases and torments the slave with her words and by gyrating her ass on his face. She tells him he has a chance to cum if he can cum in 10 seconds but if not it’s another month in chastity. She starts at 10 and then says the proceeding numbers faster and faster and just as the slave is on the brink of blowing his load she pulls his hand away. She slaps his cock and laughs that he thought she would let him cum. “This was all a ruse just so I could get my ass licked” she says as she hops off the slave and leaves him high and dry.

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