Miss Roper – Fired and Fucked

Description: “You”re the big boss and have heard that your subordinates have been planning to unionize and rebel against you and make me the new boss so you”ve called out and challenged me to a fight for the spot of boss. If I win I get your job as boss. If you win you get to fire me and all the money in my 401k to boot. To demonstrate your superiority and dominance over all the men in the workplace you make an example of me by giving me a quick, decisive and ultra beatdown to assert your physical dominance. To further break me and the rest of the men in the office”s spirits you lead me into submission with humiliation, face fucking with and making me ride your big thick strap-on cock, spitting, human ashtray, and many other humiliating methods to reinforce your psychological dominance over us. To make matters worse, you decide to livestream the whole thing and show the rest of the office.”

File Size :1.73 GB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:28:55

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