Miss Roper – Finding Pleasure In His Ruins

A vulnerable slave, tightly confined in a darkened Sensory Deprivation hood, leather straps restricting his body. He remains, perfectly still. As he is fearful, and obedient. Today, I’m not only in the mood to toy with my slave’s mind; but I desire to tease and torment his cock as well. All it takes is the light touch of my shining latex encased fingers and the sensual controlling tone of my voice to have him rock hard against my touch. It’s something he hasn’t felt in weeks, months, he can’t recall exactly as the days have dragged on long without any physical pleasure. My grip, never tightens, only delicate, slow strokes and the soft breeze of my breath blowing on the head of his throbbing member. He’s entirely on edge in mind, body, and spirit, and that’s where he’ll remain until I feel the cum building in his shaft desperate to escape. Though he should know better by now, that he’ll never truly experience a real orgasm again. I find such pleasure, in his ruins after all.

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