Miss Roper – Face Fucked By Miss Roper (1080p)

This particular blonde bitch’s throat is in need of training, as he’s never taken a dick in any form before. If he ever dreams of feeling my thick cock sink into that tight ass that’s sticking up in the air as the rest of him his bound to a piece of dungeon furniture. His gag reflex is so sensitive, turning into a slobbering mess with ease as I work my latex fingers towards his stomach. I enjoy slapping him around as I pound my hips into his face, my big black cock making his eyes stream tears as my hands lace into his blonde hair and pull him in deeper towards my balls. I laugh as I force him to lick them, his tongue and lips working them and my palms cracking the side of his face in praise. A brutal face fucking is what every bitch needs, filth pouring from his lips as I force every inch past his tonsils.

Sex Acts:

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