Miss Raquel Roper – Ruining A Bound Gimps Orgasm

He thought because he’s hot a big, thick cock that he was safe. Foolish male. My sexual interests and desires, strive on sensual sadism. This is why I’ve got him tightly bound in one of my favorite canvas posey straitjackets; a bondage hood encasing his head. I leave him with sight however, I want him to watch my slow edging torment. My favorite thing about eager, hard slaves who before had a strong sense of ego simply because they’re well endowed, is breaking them. Reminding them who between the two of us, is in control of their body, of that cock. I build him up, only to break him down. Slowly stroking him into insanity as every part of his body begs for an orgasm that I’m never going to give him. I love ruining him from the inside out, letting him naively believe that he will have the pleasure of an orgasm and stripping it from him with my very fingers. A scenario that I will reflect on later as I treat myself to my own deserving orgasm.

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