Miss London Lix, Goddess Stella Sol – Slave Training 3 Goddess Worship Reward

This is Part 3 of a delightful & devious Slave Training series produced by London Lix and Me. These clips are unique in that they are both instructional and incredibly erotically charged. You’ll find yourself horny AND educated as you watch us take our demo-bottom Slave Blake_bdsm through a gauntlet of tasks for us. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a slave? To own one? Do you want to live vicariously through the true breaking of a “man”, from start to finish? This is the series for you. Here in Part 3, Slave Blake has earned a reward. After being contorted into difficult poses for us and taking a LOT of pain, it’s necessary to keep his spirits up…so that he can take MORE for us. And what better win-win situation than allowing him to indulge in Goddess Worship. We praise our demo-bottom for his efforts and obedience, before allowing him to kiss, lick and worship our boots, heels, and stockinged feet. After this, he is awarded the pleasure of kissing our perfect peachy butts, and being sandwiched between them. Finally, laid on the ground, we use his face for our own pleasure. Full weight facesitting and grinding, along with lots of cock teasing, ensues, and I think Slave Blake is left feeling very motivated for what’s to come…

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Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:15:26

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